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Miraco South General Assembly

From our inception in 1987, we have been dedicated to developing innovative high-density interconnect solutions for all electronic industries. Miraco is built on a core of professionals who have over a century of combined experience and more than 30 patents in the field of Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), Flat Flexible Cable (FFC), Wire Harness, and connector technology. We continue to maintain an aggressive focus on developing new products and processes to meet tomorrow’s electronic packaging challenges.

Our goal is simple: “Provide a quality, cost-effective solution—on time.” Easier said than done; we're sure you’ve heard it many times before. However, it has been our unrelenting drive to fulfill this goal that has facilitated our success. We achieve this aim through unparalleled customer service and our unique interconnection solution approach—we design, source, and finish fl at flexible interconnection systems. We do not manufacture the base cable or circuit. This gives us a wide range of advantages that we pass on to you.



All employees are trained and certified to IPC standards. This allows quick-turn lead times for prototypes and low volume production.


Miraco’s ability to design and build molds, manufacturing fixtures, and inspection gauges in-house, allows us to provide quick-turn prototypes, pre-production qualification samples, or full production parts in a shorter lead time. Built by the engineering team at Miraco, this guarantees the duplication of the manufacturing process for the life of the product.


Miraco offers a low pressure, low temperature injection molding process allowing Miraco to overmold Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) cables and wire harnesses that are manufactured with low temperature insulation materials, such as polyester. This process is used to provide connector strain relief, water tight sealing, drain wire strain relief,wear guards, etc.


Miraco provides electrical test services ranging from simple HIPOT and Continuity Testing (Opens/Shorts) to full functional testing. We have the ability to design and build the test fixtures in-house, which gets you to market quicker.


Miraco offers a variety of shielding options for EMI protection or Controlled Impedance requirements. This includes Sprayed on Silver Epoxy (360 degree wrap), wrapped Copper or Aluminum tapes, or etched copper and silver epoxy shields applied during the flex cable manufacturing process. These can be insulated with a variety of material choices including thermally laminated polyester and polyimide, or sprayed on conformal coating.


Specialized tools are designed in-house and typically used for removing Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) from their manufacturing panel. Tools can range from low cost Steel Rule Dies to more expensive CLASS A Hard Tooling (male/female dies). Miraco also offers Quick Laser Outline service for prototypes, low volume manufacturing, and cables having a critical outline tolerance.


Miraco offers a variety of options for applying identification and traceability information on cables (i.e. P/Ns, Date Codes, Lot Codes, etc.). This includes Labels, Pad Printing, and Silk-screening.


Miraco offers semi-automated SMT services. Miraco’s environmentally controlled SMT area contains our Fixturing, Solder Paste, Re-flow and inspection operations. Along with our automated Aqueous Technologies SMT-800CL unit, you can be sure that your assemblies meet IPC specifications.