Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)
  1. Single Layer, Multi-Layer, Rigid-Flex

  2. IPC-6013 Class I, II, and III

  3. Prototypes To Production Volumes

  4. From Bare Flex Circuits To Full Turnkey Assembly

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC)
  1. 0.5mm Pitch And Up With Available EMI Shielding

  2. Tin Or Gold Finishes

  3. Prototypes To Production Volumes

  4. From Bulk, ZIF style To Full Turnkey Assembly

Wire Harnesses (WH)

Flexible Conversions Available

  1. Mate to Any Board Combination

  2. Custom Connector Designs Available

  3. Cost Saving Cross Reference Available

Welcome to Miraco, Inc.

Miraco designs and sources flexible printed circuits (FPC), flat flexible cables (FFC) and customized wire harnesses for our customers worldwide. 


Miraco provides comprehensive engineering and global sourcing services specializing in flexible interconnect systems.

Miraco Inc. is proudly Certified to ISO 9001:2015, Registration valid until October 2021

From our inception, we have been dedicated to developing innovative high-density interconnect solutions for all electronics industries. With more than 30 patents, Miraco has the expertise to provide design, documentation, procurement and supply chain management with specialized added value services and support.

Most interconnect design firms have a narrow scope of experience. Due to their limited focus and strained resources they cannot stay current with state of the art technologies. Some will design only flex or wire solutions when an alternate may not only be appropriate but better meet the needs of the customer and the application. Balance in providing solutions is key to Miraco’s success.