SMT Services


Miraco offers semi-automated SMT services, with a focus on Flexible Printed Circuit Assembly. Miraco’s environmentally controlled SMT area contains our Fixturing, Solder Paste, Reflow and inspection operations. Along with our automated Aqueous Technologies SMT-800CL unit, you can be sure that your assemblies meet IPC specifications.


Fixturing is a vital component to achieving success when reflowing Flex Circuits.  You have to start well to end well.  Miraco designs the fixtures and works with the finest manufacturers to offer our customers only the best fixtures the carry your parts from start to finish and offer consistent results.

Solder Paste

Once fixtured, Miraco can use the pallet directly in our Manncorp Screen Printer and a High Quality Stencil to apply just the right amount of solder paste.

Place and Reflow

Component placement is scale-able and can consist of Hand Placement or Semi-Automated placement. Reflow happens in any one (or all) of our 3 calibrated bench-top reflow ovens.


The best soldering is no good if the parts aren’t properly cleaned.  Miraco takes the guesswork out of cleaning by using an automated batch cleaner that provides real time cleanliness data.  Reports can be supplied with shipments.  Additionally, Ionic Contamination Reports may be included upon request.