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Connecting Technology

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)
  1. Single Layer, Multi-Layer, Rigid-Flex
  2. IPC-6013 Class I, II, and III
  3. Prototypes To Production Volumes
  4. From Bare Flex Circuits To Full Turnkey Assembly
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Flat Flexible Cable (FFC)

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC)
  1. 0.5mm Pitch And Up With Available EMI Shielding
  2. Tin Or Gold Finishes
  3. Prototypes To Production Volumes
  4. From Bulk, ZIF style To Full Turnkey Assembly
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Wire Harnesses (WH)

Wire Harnesses
  1. Flexible Conversions Available
  2. Mate to Any Board Combination
  3. Custom Connector Designs Available
  4. Cost Saving Cross Reference Available
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Flexible Printed Circuits Design & Source Control Services

Flexible Printed Circuits Design & Source Control Services

Services Overview

Miraco’s mission is to provide comprehensive engineering and global sourcing services specializing in flexible interconnect systems. Miraco provides design engineering, documentation, procurement, supply chain management and specialized added value services. We focus on meeting the program goals of environmental, electrical, mechanical and cost objectives while providing a balanced solution.

Miraco’s engineering design team, specialized added value services, quality control lab and test equipment located in Manchester, NH combined with FPC manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, provides our customers with the complete solution that anticipates the issues encountered during the product life cycle:

  • ln-house Engineering Design Team
  • In-house Quality Control Lab
  • Domestic partners who specialize in quick turn prototypes, production volumes and ITAR requirements
  • Off shore partners where Miraco can transparently move the manufacturing to a low cost region while still maintaining quality controls

Miraco’s expertise in all forms of interconnect solutions provides customers with flexible printed circuit designs that meet the many constraints system architects place on their designs.

Design & Sourcing

“Together, We Can Connect the Inner Systems”


  • 200 plus combined years of design and manufacturing experience with all FPC and other interconnect solutions
  • Knowledge derived from 30+ patents in the field of flex interconnects and connector technology
  • Complete engineering support takes the customer from design and testing to manufacturing
  • Full documentation on Miraco’s or customer’s format

Source Control Management:

  • Miraco leverages its combined flex circuit purchases to achieve the best lead time and lowest material cost to benefit all our customers
  • Miraco creates, controls and provides complete “READY FOR MANUFACTURING” documentation and data packages
  • Miraco can seamlessly dual source applications to assure program delivery requirements
  • Miraco exceeds conventional quality control practices to insure all parts are built to print
  • Miraco has the systems and procedures in place to accommodate your preferred scheduling requirements such as: Kanban, JIT, Ship-to-Stock
  • Assembly services provided by Miraco using approved and qualified contract manufacturers

Manufacturing Services:

  • Laser Services and Plasma Cleaning
  • Steel Rule Die Outlining
  • Class A Die Outlining
  • Folding, Wrapping, Forming
  • Overmolding
  • Silver Shielding (360 Degree Coverage)
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Solder Assembly
  • Electrical Testing

Miraco Advantage:

  • Independent, unbiased design
  • Total Solution provider
  • Improve reliability while enhancing performance
  • Improved overall system cost
  • Improved design
  • Improved manufacturability
  • Improved time to market


Display Interconnect Systems

Display Interconnect Systems

  1. 100 OHM differential pairs
  2. EMI control
  3. Active component assemblies with custom laminated stiffeners
Internal Disc Drive

Internal Disc Drive

  1. lmpedence controlled, 50 OHM single ended
  2. Highly flexible construction
  3. Accommodates various ZIF thicknesses
Custom Connection Interface

Custom Connection Interface

  1. Flexible interconnect conversions available
  2. Configurable to any board terminator
  3. Custom connector designs available
Logic Interface

Logic Interface

  1. Rigid-flex design
  2. Suitable for pick and place SMT
  3. Can be supplied in panel form with breakouts
Board-to-Board Interconnect Systems

Board-to-Board Interconnect Systems

  1. High density BGA connectors
  2. Isolated layer pairs for additional flexibility
  3. High density: Up to 10 layers
Design Formats
Autocad (DXF, DWG), Gerber (RS274-X), Solid Works (IGES, SLDPRT)
Panel Size
24″ Max. width
10´ ´+ Length
Covercoat Thickness
Layer Count
Interconnect Assembly Types
Thru hole
Finished Hole Size
Compliant Pinned (rigid zone only)
Via (A/R dependent)
0.018″ (0.457mm)
0.008″ (0.203mm)
Internal Features (Copper Weight Dependent)
0.003″ (0.0762mm)
0.003″ (0.0762mm)
Polymide – Standard Acrylic / Epoxy
Polymide – FR Acrylic / Epoxy
Polymide – AP
Silver Epoxy Shielding
FR-4/21 & 24
Copper Processing
¼ oz..032″
Impedance Single and Differential
+/- 10% GHZ
Surface Finishes
OSP-Entek 106
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Bright Tin
Assembly Capabilities
Full Turn-Key
Thru-hole – Wave & Manual
SMT – Pick & Place
RoHS Compliance
Custom Connections (interco forming)
Assembly Finishing
Conformal Coat – UR, AR, ER
Glop top
Test Capabilities
Impedance Testing
Hi-Pot up to 5,000 VDC
2,000+ points per circuit
Insulation Resistance up to 500 VDC
Four Wire Kelvin .001 & up
IPC-TM-650 (Env-Mech Testing)
X-Ray Composition Analysis
Plating Thickness
Bed of Nails
Flying Probe
Flex Cycling
Functional Test
LED’s, Diodes, Resistance
Mfg Standards
IPC-6013 Class I, II, and III; Types 1-5
Mil-P-50884 Types 1-5
AS9100 Certification
ISO: 9001:2015
Laser Capabilities
Outline +/- 0.003″
Exposure single & double sided

Have a File to Submit for Review?  Here are Miraco’s Preferred File Formats:

AutoCAD:     .dwg, .dxf
SolidWorks:  .sldprt, .slddrw, .sldasm, .igs, .stl, .stp
Artwork:        Gerber RS274X, ODB++

We can import many more formats.  Please contact us to discuss your application.

Miraco, Inc.

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